BUTTONS by Ben & Josh Safdie & Alex Kalman IN THEATERS SEPT 2

Factory 25 is pround that the first post on this new blog is announcing BUTTONS by Ben & Josh Safdie (Daddy Longlegs & The Pleasure of Being Robbed) and Alex Kalman (myblocknyc.com) is going to have a week long theatrical run at Re-Run theater in NYC.  What blew me away by these small seemingly unrelated short films (that the filmmakers call buttons)  is the felling of narrative that is created.

Check out the Trailer, then check out the screenings on Sept 2nd-8th.

also, if you have a chance check out the oddly addictive four episodes of “Talk Show” By the Safdie Brothers with Host Sam Lisenco:

Episode 1 w/Frownland Director Ronnie Bronstein & more

Episode 2 w/Gibby Haynes (Buthole Surfers),  The Beets & more

Episode 3 w/Clayton Patterson & more

Episode 4 w/Carlen Altman (from You Wont Miss Me & The Color Wheel) & more


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